Motoz3 opinion after testing comparing to my z2

Btw I got a deal at best buy labor day sale(sorry for the bold)
Will this work with Z2 force and Samsung fast charging pad(2018 pad model)

- Moto Style Shell Case with Wireless Charging for Motorola Moto Z Family Cell Phones

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If it's the official one, and it looks like it is,it will work with any charger...

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It says Model: 89600N SKU: 5901172
Arrives on Friday
Is this the official Moto model?

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There is only one Moto Mod Style shell with wireless charging. It comes in two colors, grey herringbone nylon and smooth floral print.

According to Google, the one you posted is the gray herringbone's the official Moto Z wireless charging shell. And will work with any reputable Qi charger. Just don't expect fast wireless charging, it only supports regular wireless charging even if the charger is a "fast" wireless charger

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I read an article on Google that an electrician tested a 15w base with the charger and it turns charged the phone. I'll try to find the article it was interesting. Are there non Moto wireless chargers that say they fast charge I haven't seen any advertised... Still waiting for it to arrive at best buy

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There is only ONE wireless charging style shell for any Moto Z phone......the one you ordered. That is it, no one else makes any. And it just doesn't support fast wireless matter how high of wattage Qi charger you use. It supports plain old regular speed wireless charging.

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I know the official Moto response but here is an Excerpt From the Lenovo forum regarding the same questions I have on wifi fast charging btw I got the wireless Moto mod and it behaves like this article describes but I have tried the following excerpt for the article yet......

‎from the article

"tested this charger and measured 10W charging via a VA meter

Wireless Charger 5W / 7.5W / 15W, OMARS Fast Charging Pad with Non-Slip Rubber, Adjustable Base for iPhone X / iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung S8, S7, S7 Edge and other Qi-Enabled Devices


It shows slow charging.for a few minutes, then negotiates 12V x ~1A

Excerpt from Wireless Fast Charger for "Moto Style Mod Wireless Charging 10W" - Lenovo Community

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And like that Moto Xpert stated in that own a 10W wireless charging phone / Mod. Even if you put it on a 100W wireless charger, or a 50W wireless charger, it's still a 10W wireless charging phone / Mod. Just enjoy wireless charging and don't get too wrapped up in how fast it charges. Wireless charging will never be as fast as a USB-C cable, it's not meant to be. It's meant to be convenient, not super fast

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Already dropped and lost the Moto mod wireless charge 29 min ago I. The theatre I just came from , this is why I wanted something better then the magnetic attached Moto mod shell even though the Z2 force and mods don't break they separate when. Dropped.

For the people that follow my old posts you can see I predicted when I had my turbo two.
They need to make a latch on both side to secure the mod to protect from this

Moto I hope you read this suggestion and reply to this thread as now if the theatre list and found can't find it I will have to order another one .

I have had the mod less than a week and I already need another at this rate I'll need fifty two or mods a year this phone is becoming expense motoerlerly badumdum mike drop

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