Motoz3 opinion after testing comparing to my z2


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Jul 4, 2010
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Bad 1 There is no easy way to shut off screen without press off button on left
Bad 2 no easy way to turn on phone without using power button on left except for swipe once daydream start you can swipe up.
Whats lost note from the Z2 to z3 is that you cant use the finder print button like swipe back by moving you finger left over button and multi app list by swipe right and turn phone off and on by long press.what the z3 tries to do is make the word Motorola logo sometimes work like the old fingerprint button but so far only for home button and back button features on some screens. I couldn't find any swipe or gestures besides the gesture to swipe up in daydream to turn on phone and no gesture to turn it off. And the fingerprint only seems to unlock but not do any other function .
I keep my Z2 phone on no daydream so I wouldnt be able to swipe up to wake screen on z3
The fingerprint button on the right is almost usuable but couldn't test if it would unlock phone as store has it in demo mode
But since the Motorola logo is not a video screen but is touch sensitive they should add more gestures to the logo and could have kept the fingerprint there.
The phone size is the same as a Z2 and the z3 very little extra screen space by moving fingerprint to the right side seemingly to get very little extra screen space.
The phone is awakward in this way and motoral seems to need to make allot more gestures and fix the problems above to make workable. A plus would be to make it waterproof

Anybody tested or found fixes for above?
Will the new Android os be available for z3 with better gestures.
Also I use Nova launcher to compensate for some of the lacking features in nature e os


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Moto had stated there will be no gestures with the Z3. Sorry. Might need to keep your Z2 for a while if that is important to you.

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No question to me the Z2F is the buy right now and it's not close.

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Moto had stated there will be no gestures with the Z3. Sorry. Might need to keep your Z2 for a while if that is important to you.

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What about the new Android pie,. os that's supposed to include gestures can that be used on any Android? And can Android pie gestures be used with no a launcher?

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Moto said the Z3 will not support gestures with the side mounted fingerprint scanner. So Pie isn't gonna change that on a phone that doesn't support it. If gestures is something you really like, and use, the Z3 would not be a wise choice.

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The gestures he is talking about, I believe are native to the OS. There is a new navigation feature baked in. If you turn it on, it gives you just 2 buttons at the bottom. Swiping up on the middle button, now called the pill, brings up your Recent apps, Apple like. I prefer the previous way but even not using the new gesture, it still acts like Apples. Swiping up again brings you to your app drawer. Alternatively you can do a long swipe up, instead of 2, to get to app drawer. I am using the old 3 button style. This is the Pie gestures everyone is talking about. If you like the Fingerprint gestures that Moto uses, yeah those are the ones Moto says are gone.
See attached new recent view.

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Here it is turned on. Notice only 2 buttons. And the back button only shows when it's needed. 2nd screenshot shows Home with just one button, the Pill, and the new Volume slider which is awesome.

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Happy to answer any Pie questions. My battery life has gotten insane since Pie. I've never had a phone do this.

Never had a phone go 24 hours with heavy use.
I have not gotten that again but still getting 6 hours easy.

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Thanks Pere. I was a little aware of the native Pie gestures using the home button, and your description made it more clear. I assumed the original question was related to fingerprint scanner gestures like we have on the Z2 Force. Maybe I was mistaken with my interpretation of the question? I'm still a big fan of.. buy a phone because you like it the way it is out of the box. Not because of what it "could do some day...". When you buy a phone based on what it "could do later / might be able to do" you end up being disappointed many times. If you don't like a phone the way it was released, don't get it. There are many other choices available. I would but a Z3 as is, I have no expectations about gestures and what it "might do" later on with future updates.

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The Z2 force does gestures which seem to go away with z3, I was wondering how they could be replaced by pie
But since I use Nova launcher I think I only have Nova gestures available to me and I was only able to use the Z2 gestures since it was a hardware supplimented to the phone and since they are gone in z3 and pies gestures I don't think will be usable in Nova unless Nova adds then a z3 in my config would be Nova without Z2 gestures or pies gestures and the button on the side that has only fingerprint options. I feel as though the z3 is a huge step backwards but I may have to go to a z3 force anyways when my Z2 force does.
Btw when is Poe available for Z2 force?

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There is no Z3 Force this year. There is a Z3 and a Z3 Play. Both with traditional Gorilla Glass screens, no more Shattershield.

As far as Pie for the Z2 one knows. Moto does not provide dates, just a list of which phones will get it. If I had to guess I would say much later this year. But that's just a guess.

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Continuing my rambling
I gave in and finally got the Z2 force wireless charging mod to use with my Samsung base that my turbo 2 overheated on. The best buy guy said the Moto mods work better with wireless charging then turbo 2. Agree/disagree? What's the best Z2 force charging stand.
Btw the best buy guy said the Samsung 9 is buy one get one free today and Apple x is $6 per month cheaper on a 24 month plan. And no u do not work at Verizon best buy or Samsung I just keep an eye on all sorts of gadgets if anyone is wondering.
Too bad about the z3 force thus year and shattershield loss if true(is it confirmed)? Moto may lose me unless they bring those back add waterproofing.Have a wonderful labor day weekend.

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Yes, it's true. There is only a Z3 and a Z3 Play. They aren't going to release a Force model this late in the year, when Verizon is already the early exclusive carrier of the Z3. The Z3 Play is a global unlocked phone, not exclusive to any particular US carrier. I'm not leaving Moto anytime soon. The Z3 is a great phone if you have Moto Mods or want to use Moto Mods, and don't need Shattershield.

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Moto lost me. I'll be back for the next Shattershield phone though. I'm sure there will be one next year
Hopefully that's why we didn't get in this year. They are perfecting it.

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I hope so Pere, I really do. But, as I posted in the other Z3 thread I think Shattershield is done forever. I think too many people complained loud enough about the screen scratching and it got a bad rap. I guess people couldn't understand the difference between a 5 layer soft flexible screen that will scratch easily if not protected vs traditional Gorilla Glass (which is very scratch resistant but does shatter). Maybe they could have included screen protectors in the box....with a great big NOTE to install it and protect the screen? But even then some would not have used it, not have read the note, and complained about scratches. Like I said, I certainly hope I am wrong and there is a new Shattershield phone next year. I just don't think there will be.

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