Motorola Xoom2 Perhaps?


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Nov 7, 2009
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Just earlier, we were wondering if Motorola were dropping prices on their XOOM tablet in order to make room for another, and if this FCC approval says anything, we just might be looking at that type of scenario. This tablet device was spotted on the FCC's website with the dimensions of 259mm x 166mm. In contrast, the original XOOM was 249.1mm x – in short, this is probably the Motorola XOOM 2. It’ll have LTE radios inside, something that will make current XOOM owners’ blood boil. We’re not sure what sort of package we could be looking at here. The possibilities are endless. NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor is said to be in tablets by the end of this year. It may still launch with Tegra 2, though, or any other dual-core chipset. For now, this is just an FCC listing so let’s hope for some concrete details soon enough.

SOURCE: New Motorola LTE tablet hits the FCC…is this the XOOM 2? |
I wonder If they still plan on upgrading the original Xooms :icon_rolleyes:

One would imagine that unless Moto wants a massive lawsuit on their hands, they would continue as planned, or simply switch out the devices. Regardless seeing as the Xoom was a Google experience device,it will receive software upgrades for the foreseeable future.
^^I was referring to the LTE upgrade, I'm not concerned about the software since like sb1831 said it is a Google experience device.