Motorola warranty repair


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Feb 23, 2011
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My Motorola Droid has some serious phantom touchscreen issues that are making the phone unusable. I looked up my phones ID on the motorola website. I do still have a warranty and I made an RMA for the phone's repair. My only concern is the emphasis they put on sending in a phone that's been damaged. My Droid is in perfect physical shape except for a few small chips around the black surround on the edge of the screen from where it slipped off of my lap getting out of my truck. The screen itself has not even a scratch on it. From experience, has anyone had difficulty from motorola repairing their device because of cosmetic damage? I am required to send the phone directly in to motorola because my Verizon contract expired and I'm now with page plus. Any insight into the motorola warranty repair experience would be much appreciated!
That's good to hear. I just wondered if the slight physical damage would allow them to blame the touchscreen issues on that and not cover it under warranty. If that's the case I'll just buy a new digitizer myself rather than wait for them to tell me it's not covered.