Bad Screen Repair?


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Mar 9, 2010
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My girlfriend and her dad traded phones and she got his Galaxy S 4 but the screen was cracked significantly. We took it to a local repair shop that has a stellar reputation for phone repairs. They managed to repair 95% of the screen to like new. There is one small defect. They said something about the glue not setting properly. Now that I am trying to mod it and she is trying to set up go launcher it seems to be very unresponsive to touch at times. You really have to apply pressure to get the touch input to register although it can also be very sensitive to touch at times. I am trying to figure out how to establish if the digitizer is damaged or if this was a bad screen repair. Any suggestions?

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If the digitizer is not applied directly, and firmly to the screen, the touch inputs can become unresponsive and 'feel' as though it is defective, but all you are actually doing, is forcing the digitizer to rest on the screen before finger inputs are recognized by the action. If you looked at the screen and digitizer edge-wise, there will be a small space between the two, this is the area you are closing when you press down, forcing the digitizer to actuate as it were.

The poor adhesive, or the application thereof, is why you have this issue. I doubt the digitizer is defective, my bet is that it is simply not making direct contact with the screen, causing the problem you indicated.
I would return the phone and have it redone, personally.
Thanks she has a 60 day warranty so we will be taking it back to have done properly this time.

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