Motorola Services


Jan 21, 2010
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So every now and again Motorola Services shows up and decides to eat my battery.

I've looked online and can't seem to find anyone who actually know what the heck it is, and Motorola seems to be silent on the matter.

Apparently if you go into Google Voice... Settings >>> Sync & Notification >>> Background Data you find a menu that Motorola has hidden away. It's more like the non blurrific account sync menu. You can find Motorola Services in there, and if you press it, it syncs your contacts for some reason.

Is there some kind of Motorola Contact manager or something?

I unchecked it. We shall see what happens now. Watch it erases all my contacts.

Ok so looking on the Motorola Site apparently MotoBlur does sync your contacts and phone info "in case you phone is ever lost or stolen."

Basically needlessly replicates exactly what Google does (only Google does it better.)
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