Missing feature since ICS - Social Network Integration


Oct 17, 2011
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I've noticed that with the upgrade to ICS, Motorola has removed their social networking accounts that were 'baked' directly into the OS. I have yet to find, and am still looking for, a decent replacement.

Specifically, for these three tasks:
  1. Making one post and have it send to twitter, Facebook & linked in simultaneously. HootSuite is OK, but not ideal. Seesmic Ping is good, but it was just purchased by HootSuite, which means its days are numbered as a standalone service. That and Ping has limitations with the number of messages you can send per day with their free plan.
  2. Direct integration with my contact list. Specifically, if I wanted to tweet someone, send them a facebook message, write on their wall, etc.; I just pulled up their name in my contacts, and could send them a message directly from there. Now, I have to open up either the twitter or facebook app, then look them up, and send a message through that app.
  3. Integration with Social Network profile pictures.
I've tried many different programs, including the native apps, HootSuite, Tweet Deck, Seesmic, & Seesmic Ping. I have been using Contact sync for Facebook to get profile pictures, but that's all it does.

Any other suggestions?