Solved Free Social Networking App Supporting FB and Twitter?


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Sep 19, 2010
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Burlington, VT
So I've been using Hootsuite for quite awhile now. One of its primary virtues, for me, is that I can crosspost to Twitter and Facebook simultaneously as it seems my friends are evenly split between the two.
What recently became a downside is that it only supports three social network accounts, and I'd like to add another.
Is anyone aware of a decent social networking app that supports crossposting to Facebook and Twitter and allows for multiple accounts? I'd like a minimum of four.
Thanks for any assistance!
Not aware of any free ones that support more than one twitter or facebook accounts.

Buffer and Everypost support multiple twitter and fb accounts but are subscription based.
Just found Tweetcaster. I think we may have a winner, though it's not as refined as Hootsuite.
Not sure if the free version does, but Plume had facebook and Twitter integration. I had the paid version, but left when they messed up the beta, so I probably shouldn't even recommend them.

I was part of the beta group and we gave them TONS of feedback on stuff that was broken. I got so tired of the mess that I switched back to the "solid" version and they pushed what was that beta as an update a few days later, with stuff still broken.

The app has really declined since LevelUp Studios sold it, but if/when they work the bugs out, it's still a solid app. Just not sure I trust them to not push another junky update.
^Wow, that makes me sad.

Tweetcaster's working well for me, which probably means Twitter or Hootsuite will buy it sometime in the next month. :/ It's not as polished as I'd like, but it does support multiple accounts and does what I really need it to do.

Thanks for the input everyone!