Motorola Droid RAZR and MotoActv Launch Recap

so no ICS,
cant change the battery.
it has hardware buttons that will become wasted space IF it gets ICS
locked bootloader

this will compete with the galaxy nexus how?
C'mon Moto get with the game.
First you release the Bionic then this which ups the Bionic but still falls way short of the greatest thing.:mad:

NFC is somewhat of a downer, but I look at it like this. Do I go anywhere that uses it? Not really. NFC should start popping up in the next few years, and by that time I can get a phone with it.

We don't have confirmation on the battery. It was a rumor with the DROID HD. Till we get some hands on stuff or someone asks, we don't know.

It's possible that ICS will have a feature (or OEM's can include it) that allows us switch between on screen/off screen controls.

It can still compete with the new NEXUS. We still don't have the full on it yet. Who knows what it will have an not.
so no one from the blogs who played with the razr can confirm if the battery is removeable? someone must have tried it.
While I'm not terribly concerned about bad battery life, I'm very accustomed to having a spare battery on hand when needed, going back to my old reliable Motorola Q. I've gone that route for any phone that I do more than just make calls with. The only reason my battery lasts during a standard weekday is that cell phones aren't permitted in my office building. :biggrin: