Motorola Droid Broke / Warranty Questions

... with VZW's new warranty policy for 'user abuse'... I'd return the replacement device and just pony up the $90 for the replacement through insurance.

Because... once VZW sends your broken device to the refurb warehouse... regardless what the VZW rep told you, if the warehouse deems 'user abuse' you are going to get a $300 bill. Not worth it IMO.

As was clarified to me earlier this week... the real issue is the 3rd party warehouses that take the returned devices. VZW has been receiving these $300 penalties all along and have just been eating it and not passing it onto the consumer... now they're passing it onto us.
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I posted originally thinking that using the SDK interface would allow you to tell if you were in the bootloader or not (remember reading something about that in the past...), and you should be able to unroot from there.


after reading the crazy responses of sixty some pages of posts in the last couple of days about the 'days to come', I think we should all take a look at what we do.

I agree that taking the phone back, explaining that it was dropped and the screen no longer works should be a call that Verizon makes about warranty replacement or not. I know that these new phones are a lot more sensitive than my old Samsung flip phone, but a mild drop 'With a case on!!' should not cause a hardware malfunction.

Now, about the root violated TOS when you did that, *but* it had nothing to do with the trouble you are having. If you had constant reboots and FC's because you cooked the processor it would be a different thing altogether.

I hate to say it, but it's becoming a situation that when we choose to root, we take responsibility for the hardware, even if the malfunction is not due to our actions. The more of us that follow that lead, the less likely the 'Doom N Gloom' we've all been reading about will come to be. Sucks, but it's the honest truth.

Yes, you should be able to unroot without seeing your screen if you know what you are doing, and if you feel that the damage to the phone is completely irrelevant, I encourage you to do so...bear in mind that repercussions may be coming that will not allow this in the future. And honestly...I just got a D1 on ebay for $ a back up. Why even put your name in the system if you have a long time on your contract (I've got almost a year before renewal - and a tad over for completion!!)

If you didn't root using SKD/sbf, then you should probably just eat the insurance charge and go on. If you are comfortable with operating your phone from the computer interface, then you most likely did nothing you are unaware of, other than dropping your phone and can recover it to a point that a legitimate claim could be made. I still doubt that Big Red will honor a warranty claim for a dropped phone, but it's worth a try.

Too long winded again...

my $.02