Question about droid warranty


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Oct 17, 2010
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Hey guys,
I have a D1 and am having some issues with it. Im getting crackly feedback from the headphone jack. I know this is a known issue, and was wondering whether or not it is covered by the warranty. I have heard mixed responses whether or not it is. Also this phone was a hand me down from my dad, and has one straight crack across the screen. I was wondering whether or not it can still be covered by the warranty, cause i have heard that some people couldn't get a replacement phone cause of a small crack, because verizon thought they had intentianally damaged.

I do not have asurion or any other insurance, but should still be covered by the 1 year warranty.

So three questions that I would appreciate to have answered are:
1. Does the warranty cover the crackily headphone jack issue?
2. Does having a slightly cracked screen effect the warranty in any way?
3. And lastly I heard there is a shortage on D1s, so is there any chance I would be upgraded?

Thanks for your help
1) Yes, this should be covered by the manufacturer's warranty -- crackly headphone jacks can be caused by dirty connections, you should try to clean it

2) I believe physical damage like that will void your warranty. Dont quote me, but a cracked screen is a sign of an abused phone, and the warranty will not be honored.

3) There's no shortage of reburb D1s -- the only way to get upgraded is to have a series of problems with your refurbs and/or get a very very nice CSR.

Hope this helps.
1) Yes it does
2) No thats what they consider a pressure point crack an it is not covered
3) no one knows till you get it
ok well thanks. I guess im stuck with a crappy headphone jack. now that the warranty is void anyway i guess i'll go root it