Moto Maker For The Moto 360!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Did you all laugh like I did when Apple announced a watch that would cost $17,000?! I mean come on if you were really going to spend that kind of money on a watch wouldn't you just buy a Rolex, or how about a brand new car!!?? Maybe I'm just not thinking out of the box enough. It seems to me like at least with a Rolex you would see your "investment" appreciate since some Vintage Rolex's actually gain value over time. An Iwatch would just be old tech in 5 years. When is the last time you ever saw anyone pay good money for an Iphone 2? I guess you could melt it down for the metal's value, but it just seems a bit Ludacris to me. If you are not a high roller and don't have $17000 to throw in the garbage, but still love fashion and would like a more reasonable alternative Motorola could have the watch for you.

The Moto 360 has finally been added to moto maker. You can choose the finish of your watch face (for now there are 3 colors including light, dark, and gold). The band has options for 3 different colors of leather, 3 differnt widths of metal bands each having different color options. There are several different stock watch faces to choose from as well. These start at only $249.

via Motoroloa