Verizon Already Has the Metal-Band Moto 360 Up for Preorder; Ships Nov. 11th


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Dec 30, 2010
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For any of our members who were hoping to get their hands on the metal-band version of the Moto 360, you might be excited by this tidbit of news. Verizon already has the metal-band version of the device available for preorder on their website.

It's only $299.99, which makes it $50 more than the leather-band Moto 360, but still cheaper than buying an $80 metal band separately for the leather-band version. If you preorder the device now it will ship on November 11th. At the time of this writing, the pre-orders are not backordered or sold out, so you may want to hurry and grab your order ASAP.

Here's the link: Verizon - Metal-Band Moto 360
I have to say the silver with the metal band looks pretty sweet. I might have to spring for one of these as a second watch. (Black on black leather is the first.)
+1 Looks great
I read on Moto's website that any 22mm metal band will work with the watch so I ordered this band last night: If it turns out to be a piece of junk, then I'm out a whole 12 bucks. There are more expensive bands available and I may end up going to a watch store (there are a few decent ones near where I live) and get one in store. EIther way, the leather strap works but honestly, its a hastle over a metal clasp.


I decided to cancel my order because I found out that the Pebble metal bands work great on the M360 and I can pick one up at BestBuy next time I'm near it. The one I ordered was going to take a few weeks to get here because it was shipping from China or something like that. The Pebble ones are $20 and if you happen to have a reward from BestBuy, you can get it even less.
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Actually any old strap won't work. They have a little notch on the body of the watch. Here's what my OEM Moto leather band looks like. If the band doesn't have the notch cut out it won't fit. Crappy move by Moto in my book. A few guys are working on metal band adapters at this very moment.

I'm rolling the dice and getting a StrapCode shark mesh band later this week. We'll see if that works.