Moto Droid reboots randomly / sometimes goes to bootloader with nand error!


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Aug 2, 2010
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Hi everyone, just a bit off topic but this site has helped out so much gotta love the search box dancedroid

Sorry, anyway, I received my droid a few days ago, went home and promptly rooted it, for about a day no worries, no issues, no complaints, then it started.. It would reboot for no apparent reason then go into the boot loader and give me a NAND error. I flipped got upset and said screw it, I wasn’t really over clocking it by much anyway.

I get the 2.0.1 SBF file, RSD the lil sucka to my phone, so that when it upgrades to 2.1 everything should be stock. (Yup, that was from here; forget which thread or I'd give credit).

After all day at work the phones working kosher, no complaints I’m downloading and touring the phone like nobody's business. When I get home, I set the phone down for God knows how long, and come back when I hear the "Droiiiid" I go back to the phone and see it’s back to its’ old tricks, a short while after it reboots again, this time it’s stuck on the boot loader screen and it says NAND error, battery OK, etc.

Any ideas? Should I just take it back to V and call it a day?