Moto droid contacts missing


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Feb 4, 2010
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So, I got my droid. I already had a gmail account so I signed in. I then started to add contacts since I had none in my gmail account. I added the first one and it wouldn't show up but I could search for it and I could see it in my favorites. I checked my sync settings and played with what folders in my gmail account in would sync to. Then I noticed there was a check box next to a folder with no name. I selected it and everything was fine. A month later I went to update someone's contact info and it disappeared. That happened with a few of them until now tonight they all disappeared, including from my favorites. Yet when I type someone’s number in it showed their picture and name. Has anyone else had this issue? I am going to a Verizon store tomorrow. Also, would rooting the phone fix the issue?