Pictures added to contacts disappearing.


Jan 3, 2010
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Got my droid yesterday, synced my gmail account. I took a picture of a friend and set it as their picture in contacts, but then deleted the picture. Texted them, called them, picture was there no problem.

Today, I noticed when texting her that the pic is gone. Then I go looking through her contact info and it's gone from there too. Oddly, it's still in her gmail profile on my computer.

I did the same thing for 4 contacts. 2 of them (who I was texting a lot yesterday disappeared). 2 of them are fine. Any idea what's up?

Note that I tried to sync gmail again and the pictures didn't show up, but they're still in my gmail account.

Edit: Ok, so I went into the edit contact option and it had the photo in there so I did the whole "Use this photo" option, and it seems to be working, but why would the phone change from pic to no pic if it still actually has the pic? I don't want to have to do this often.
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