MOD Increase LG G4 Speaker Volume


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Oct 6, 2011
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You would think by now that rear facing speakers on cell phones would be a thing of the past. HTC spoiled us with the front facing speakers on the One series. Samsung has finally caved in slightly and added their speaker to the bottom rim. LG however is still lagging behind. The G4 speaker is right there on the rear of the phone meaning you have to cup your hand around the back of the device to redirect sound towards your face.

The fact that the speaker resides on the back of the device could mean that the sound ends up being soft or muffled if the speaker is pointed away from you. Boosting your sound is pretty simple just download the mod file from the link below, extract it and place it on your phone's memory inside sytem\ect\ folder. You should replace files when it asks. Then you will change the permissions to RW-R-R. After you reboot your device your volume levels should be increased.

via DroidViews
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