Mobile Hot Spot Promo Ends = Plan Change = Tier Pricing


Jan 29, 2011
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Here's a crazy thought...

1. When I was checking out the price of the phone at, I noticed that one of my plan's features was "Hot Spot Promo".

2. So... I get that for a month or so and then Verizon says "if you want to keep it, do nothing and we will charge you the per month rate after the promo period ends. if you want to cancel after the promo period, go ahead."

3. Cancel = plan change.

4. Plan change = ineligible for $29.99 unlim data since we don't offer it anymore - by the time the hot spot promo ends...

Am I way off base here, or is this a possibility?
Sounds very possible to me....
While plausible, promos not part of the shouldn't be considered a "plan change"

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While plausible, promos not part of the shouldn't be considered a "plan change"

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This ^^ I spoke with VZW about it and at least according to the CSR I had on the line, the promo is an opt-in not an opt-out offer. This seem supported by the language on

Now through 5/15, purchase any 4G Verizon smartphone with service and trial the Mobile Hotspot feature for free, allowing up to five devices to connect to the mobile internet via your phone. After 5/15, customers will have the option to activate the Mobile Hotspot feature for $20/month.
VZW Senior RSR here - you won't be forced into 4G LTE tiered pricing. We're not that dirty of a company coughAT&Tcough. I asked my manager about this yesterday when I learned about the free hotspot promotion when I was going through promotional materials and getting ready to hang them in the store. My store manager (who has been with the company 7 years... he's a pretty good resource) said the same thing I thought: the hotspot is not integrated into the plan (either the voice portion or data portion) so it cannot force a plan change. Hence, the worries presented in this thread are not there.

You won't have any problems.

If you don't want the hotspot, call into *611 or stop by a store and the feature can be removed by a VZW employee for you and they will make sure your plan doesn't change, but you should be able to self-serve on My Verizon as well to remove the hotspot so you aren't charged for it. I'd do it a few days early to be sure.

I'm getting the Thunderbolt myself (will be here tomorrow) and I can say I don't want to be forced into tiered pricing, hence why I checked on this.
Should I have selected the 'mobile hotspot' feature when I ordered today? Will I still get the it for free for one month?
I don't think anyone who purchases from 3rd party vendors have to worry about the mobile hotspot removal causing a 'plan change'. I received this a few moments ago from Verizon:

Dear [omitted],

Good morning. Thank you for your interest in Verizon Wireless products and services. I am excited to learn of your interest in the HTC Thunderbolt. My name is Michelle and I will be delighted to address your Mobile Hotspot concerns. With the HTC Thunderbolt, we are currently offering a promotion for free Mobile HotSpot until May 15, 2011. After May 15, 2011 a software update will remove the Mobile Hotspot offer. A message will be sent to the end user to contact their system admin in order to subscribe to Mobile Hotspot.

It has been my pleasure providing you with information regarding the Mobile Hotspot Offer for the HTC Thunderbolt. Thank you for being a valued customer and being the most important part of Verizon Wireless. We appreciate your business and thank you for using Verizon Wireless products and services.


Customer Service
Verizon Wireless