What will the price of Mobile Hotspot be in May?


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Feb 26, 2010
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When I purchased my phone I was told by the sales rep that I would get the free Mobile Hotspot promo until May 15 and after that I could add it as a service for 20 bucks per month, unlimited data. The rep was corrected by the Technician that it would be limited to 5 GB. So obvioulsy there was some uncertiantee but I did not care about the limit and the price was not argued.

Today I read that the price would be $30 per month. So I got on the phone with Cutomer Care and asked about the discrepency. She tells me they have no price so I exploained that I was promised by a rep $20 and that kind of irritates me. She agreed with me. She said that originally they had a price but today the data sheet says Price to be Determined. So in essence, we have no idea what we will be charged?

I am rooted and have wifi tether installed. I don't have to pay anything but I planned to pay for it nonetheless. I don't feel good about taking something I am not entitled to take. I even tried to get the service added today but they say they can't add it till May 15 becasue they don't know what the cost is.

What a lousy way to run a Customer Care department. Lie to them, change the price, then don't let them sign up till the last minute when we can sucker punch them.

I am starting to think I should just use my rooted wifi tether and screw them. And that is not my MO.

you have unlimited data but you have to pay for more data? ;)

Only if you want to be 'legally' wirelessly tethered.

I say legaly, loosly. As in not violating your terms of service. The law is in our favor in that we can "legally" root and modify our devices. There is a big difference between 'legally' and "legally".

Just sayin.