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Feb 13, 2010
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Hi. maybe this question is somewhere else, but i have yet to find it. I am trying to send a sound (a whole song actually) thorugh mms to a friend so he can make it into a ringtone and i can't find a way to do it. when i saved it the song was saved in my droid music file, if that helps.

Also is there a way to seperate the mms from the sms, like you could with the blackberry? It would be nice to have two seperate areas for those, if not its not the end of the world.

thanks in advance for the help :motdroidhoriz: :reddroid:
The way I do it is this and you normally can't send a whole song because it will be rejected by size. I use ringdroid and normally cut the sound down to 1:00 or somewhat over. Then I used Astro to get the sound and send it through email to [email protected] The Xs is where your phone number goes and you should receive the sound in your inbox as you sent it then just hold down on the sound until a menu pops up and forward it to anybody and It's been working perfectly for me, but I noticed something strange is I use to could edit it and make slideshows and add pictures when I forward it, but I guess VZW caught it and blocked it now where only the sound can be sent.
i downloaded astro and ringdroid. I can't find the song on ringdroid but i can hear it through astro. When i copy the file so that i can send it in an email or mms to myself so that i can forward it everytime i try to attach it my droid will only let me attach pictures. I can't attach any sounds. I have tried several different times and i am getting kind of frustrated. what am i doing wrong??

any help would be great!! the song that i am wanting to create into a ringtone is a download from and when i saved it, the file was saved to my droid music app (the one that comes standard on the phone).

thanks in advance for any help

When you see the sound file on Astro it should be in a folder. When you find the sound press down on it and hold until the pop-up menu shows and press send and say send through email or gmail which ever one you use and enter in your number with on the end of it and send. Don't try to go on the message app and try to attach and don't go to email or gmail and try because it will only let you attach pictures that's why you use the pop up menu and it will attach it for you.