Milestone 2 A953 (Froyo 2.2) EU problem with Text Messaging stock application


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Oct 6, 2011
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I have rooted M2 A953 EU version.
Accidentally I moved Text Messaging_2.2.apk from system/app folder and I lost SMS function.The icon Text Messaging still exist when I open Messaging.apk (all together with my E-mail acoun ts and Universal inbox) bu I can not use it.When I touch the SMS icon, the screen goes to home.
As I understand, Text Messaging_2.2.apk is a small application that integrates with Messaging.apk and manage SMSs within it.
I used every known methods that I'm familiar with to get back the Text Messaging_2.2.apk into system/app folder from SD and reactivate SMS function, but no chance.
I managed to move .apk to system/app folder and gave r/w permissions to system and to apk. but nothing happened when I reboot.

Maybe I should download a new Text Messaging_2.2.apk and repeat the whale procedure with a new SMS application?
Where can I find the same stock Text Messaging_2.2.apk for my system?
Is the procedure that I'm using correct?

Thanks in advance.