micro sd card blank or has unsupported file system


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Feb 14, 2011
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My Motorola Droid X has reported that message for a few days now. Rebooting and reseating the card does not work. It is always "unmounted" in my phone, and it advises to format the card. So I have tried to mount it, but it loads and ends up doing nothing; card still unmounted. I also tried to format it on my phone, but it is just nonresponsive. Attatching my phone to my pc with the usb cable, Windows assigned the drive the letter "J" but I cannot access it; it reports 0 capacity - 0 space free. I have tried micro sd to sd adapters and windows assigned letter "H" but it had the same problems. In disk management it shows the drive as online, but still shows no partitions or volume. I cannot format it from my pc. I have switched the read only switch on the adapter, tried multiple computers, multiple adapters, and there is no visible physical damage on the card or in my phone's micro sd port.

So I am stuck. I want to recover the important pictures from the 16 GB micro sd card or atleast make the card usable again.

Can I have your suggestions?

My phone came with a motorola gallery widget that has a slideshow of my pics. It seems my most important picture was saved into that widgets memory, as I can still see it on my home screen. Would there be a way to recover that one picture through my phone via that motorola widget?
If you poke around here a bit you'll find other threads with this same story. Some have had luck taking it out of the phone and hooking it up to a card reader, pulling files off and reformatting it. Some have had your experience, ie. no recovery possible.

I've known about this issue for weeks and I still haven't backed up my card. /dumb

I'm not sure about pulling that photo out of that widget. I run Linux on my machines and it would tempt me to say that your photo is *somewhere* in the file system. Where? Maybe somebody else might know. If you could grab a devs ear for a few seconds I'd bet they'd know.
Some have had luck taking it out of the phone and hooking it up to a card reader, pulling files off
I have found that attempting to read my SD card on a card reader and Windows XP Pro actually fails to read the card! If I leave it in the phone and connect via USB, Windows sees the card and the data on it but not if I plug it into a card reader!
Try a different reader?

Not sure. Win7 reads mine in a reader just fine. Never tried it in XP. All my machines are either Win7 or Ubuntu.
Not sure if this will fix but had same issue in xp was able to read and get info off card in linux

running darkslide 4.2
Recover Lost Photos

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I know how to recover deleted data. A formatted sd card is not my problem. My problem is that NO operating system (I have tried linux, windows, and android) can access my card. All three of them recognize that a card was inserted. Windows and Linux both assign my micro sd card a Letter:\
But they just cannot acces the card at all. So I guess the card has got to be damaged, even though I have not exposed my Droid X to any harmful conditions.
Conclusion: Verizon/Droid screwed me by using cheap parts in their phone!