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Jan 24, 2011
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I was downloading and audio book through the app on my Droid X today. While it was in process of downloading, the phone powered itself off and back on again. Once it was back on, it gave me the msg that the Sd card was blank or has unsupported filesystem.

I have rebooted, done a battery pull, removed the SD card (because it shows as unmounted) - nothing helps. When I plug the phone into my computer with a USB cable, it shows my device as having nothing stored on it.

Verizon support couldn't help at all and directed me back to the verizon store. The phone gives me the option to reformat the card but pressing that does nothing. I don't really care if I lose music/pics on the SD card because it's all been backed up into cloud storage, but what about all the apps that I had moved to the SD card. Are they all gone?

Is there anything to do to fix this short of getting a new sd card?
You are not alone. Today, my wife is having the same problem with her x. She is very upset to have lost all her pictures on the sd card. Verizon customer service suggested that she do a master reset. This didn't help at all and she is now having to rebuild all the programs and the home screen replacement on the phone. Does anyone know what is causing this issue or how to pull the files off the sd card?

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My SD card was completely corrupted so there was no way to transfer anything to my computer. I tried connecting the x to my computer with the usb but it just showed up as being completely empty.

I went to Verizon today and the csr there gave me a new sd card - he actually swapped out my 16gb for a 32gb free of charge. He said he has only seen this happen with the sd cards that came stock with the phone. The new one he gave me is a sandisk, which is what they sell separately. He said he hasn't seen anyone have this problem with this disk. After searching the web, it looks like he was right. The stock SD card seems to do this to a lot of people, and motorola and verizon are aware of it.