Market missing on RC3


Jun 19, 2010
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Anyone missing the market from Cyanogenmod 6.0.0-RC3...I am.
yes...i sure did. i even downloaded a second time and made sure i checked marked the google add-on and still no market.
If you dont wipe cache from going to RC2 to RC3 you might have this problem. I have now the market sice i wiped the cache. Dont worry will install your apps. good luck.
Like i said...If you don't wipe the cache from going to RC2 to RC3 you MIGHT have this problem cause i did..thanks
market on rc3

I installed CM6 rc3, including google apps, directly over Sapphire 1.0.0. I did not wipe/erase cache and have had no significant problems. Market automatically installed almost all my apps but I did have to manually uninstall and, then, re-install a couple of apps.

Running very smoothly. Doing a complete system/boot/cache/etc. deletion via ROM Manager. Hopefully, that will help.