Man Goes ApeSpit In Apple Store Destroying iPhones And MacBooks

Getting involved over apple product? Only if someone's lives were at stake. Smashing Apple just makes for viral videos.
I'll presume you're joking, no product, Apple, Android or your car deserves to be vandalized.

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I get your point @Vepaot but NOT doing something could also cost a lot more lives.
If he started hurting people, sure I would agree 100%. But as a CCW licensee, I adhere to only protecting myself and my loved ones if the situation calls for it. Would I help protect random civilians? That largely depends on the situation. I wouldn't go sticking my nose in places it doesn't belong. Like if a guy holds up the gas station I'm in, I'd most likely just let him take the cash from the register and walk out. More than likely he doesn't want to hurt anyone, he's just looking to score a quick buck; and the company is insured so I don't really care about them losing money. Escalating the situation by opening fire on the man may only make the situation worse, as you never know if one of those "scared bystanders" is actually one of his buddies watching his back, or if someone decides to tackle him as I draw my weapon to fire and I shoot Mr. Hero, or any other one of a possible thousand things that could go wrong really quickly.

Now if someone pulled out a knife or a gun and started attacking people indiscriminately then it's a completely different story. Put him down before he can hurt anyone else; before he can hurt you or your family or friends. But so long as nobody is getting hurt, I'd prefer to keep it that way. At least until Siri gains the ability to have feelings or cry, haha.