Magnet in DroidX case provided by Costco

When I bought my DroidX from Costco, it came with a case which has a magnetic closure. I Asked Motorola if it mattered how I inserted the DroidX into the case and got the following reply:

Thanks for reaching out to Motorola. I’ve reviewed your e-mail and I’m ready to help.

We do not recommend using a holster with a magnet for the Motorola DROID X.

If you notice that your phone is displaying a screen that you are not familiar with or your backlight continuously stays lit even when you have adjusted the backlight settings your phone may be in close contact with a magnet.

There are certain components within the phone that when placed in close contact to a magnet will trigger a different screen configuration and cause your phone backlight to stay lit.

Tip: Several phone holsters contain magnets that may also cause your display to change and your backlight to stay continuously lit.

This is not a defect of the phone.

We hope that you find this information useful and look forward to assisting you in the future.

Any thoughts?
Thanks for your input. I had my Droid X in one of these magnetic clasp cases and have removed it. I don't understand why they sell them given the possibilities of damage.
I use a case with a magnet for my DX and I used one with my D1 as well - I installed an app from the market called DockBlocker which you can set so that the phone is not triggered on by the magnets. Also, it depends on how you slide the phone in - the magnets have to trigger against the back of the phone - so slide your screen in so it facing out where the magnets close...
I don't think it is about damage as much as it is putting the phone into one of it's dock modes. Probably the worst thing the case will do is drain you battery.
Let me double-check what you are advising. You are saying that when the phone is placed in the case, the SCREEN is next to the magnets? I was told that the screen image could be affected by magnets.
Magnets, when placed next to the back (not screen-side) of the phone can trigger the "dock" mode or "car" mode... those accessories have magnets in them which tells the phone to go into "dock" or "car" mode....the problem is that once in these modes, the screen stays lit... so for example, if you put your phone into your holder, and it accidently triggers "dock" mode... no harm.. except it would just drain your battery... you can easily test this by placing a magnet around various location on the back of the phone and you'll see the screen "mode" change
I use this case...I slide my phone up screen up - I do not have any issues with the magnets against the screen...There are 2 magnets in the flap and 2 magnets in the case (where the flap closes)...


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like a post said already, use DockBlocker to prevent the phone from going into dock modes
You've all been so nice to explain this to me; I appreciate all your assistance!
I bought a case at Wall Mart that is made by fuse. My X fits perfectly and it has no magnet it uses Velcro.

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There is an easy way to fix this issue if you are in fact using a magnetic case...turn the phone so that the case magnet is near the screen side of the phone. The magnet in the DX is actually in the back of the phones internal structure, and unless you are using a hell of a magnet, you cant force Dock/Car Mode from a magnet facing the screen side of the phone...