Looking to deodex my phone, thought i did it fine, lost my notification bar,easy fix?


Sep 21, 2010
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Hey guys, sorry to bug you, mostly everytime i do anything to my droids i have i read up on it and mess around a little bit before i dive in so i dont have any problems, but sadly ran into one...
While going through the http://www.droidforums.net/forum/pe...root-deodex-theme-droid-froyo-2-2-frg22d.html it ran just fine, no problems or anything until i rebooted and had it finish loading up and had no notification bar, i use launcherpro, tried to use menu button -> notifications to make it show up if it was running but sadly no response or anything.
im aware it says for droid 2.2 but the commands looked very basic and wouldve expected them to have been the same with the 2.3 pre rooted version (funkenblack) theme installed, anyone know a simple fix for it or did i end up somehow having it get deleted or just not function correctly?
trying to maybe start making themes on my days off and starting to share with the rest of the community, have the droid a855 and just got x2 not long ago so ill use this phone for a lot of my fun experiments =p and hopefully start giving back