Looking for simple app to trigger Google Voice callback


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Feb 2, 2014
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I am looking for simple app to trigger Google Voice callback, like a Google Voice dialer but NOT integrated into the standard phone dialer. Back in 2010 I had one on my Android phone which would allow me to dial Google Voice calls when I wanted to. I seldom use Google Voice, but when I do I want to be able to initiate a call with an App and not have to go to the Google Voice website. I am fine with Google Voice ringing my mobile phone as I have free incoming minutes. I do NOT want an App that integrates Google Voice with my phone. I very seldom use Google Voice and I don't want an extra step every time I make a phone call.

Does anybody know of such an App? I think the App I am thinking of started with a GV and it is not available on Google Play any longer. I remember the author came out with a paid App which did basically the same thing but the old free App still worked, if you could find it somewhere on the Internet. But it does not have to be that App. Any App where I can initiate Google Voice calls in the App without tying into the Dialer would be fine. But NOT Talkatone because I just want the App to ring back on my mobile phone number.