Lockscreen Timeout Mod


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Mar 29, 2010
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New to the miui community and really enjoying the ROM so far.

One (small) issue that I am experiencing is the short 5 second timeout of the lockscreen display. I use a program called ICE that is an emergency contact and info app. I have is set so that if my phone is turned on and not unlocked within 10 seconds the ICE program kicks in and show my emergency contact info (and allows those contact to be called from the phone), doctor and insurance info, allergies, etc.

With the default 5 second timeout ICE doesn't get a chance to start. I have changed my setting for now so ICE starts if the phone is not unlocked in 3 seconds, but I'd like a little more time.

In searching miui forums and threads for various combinations of 'Lockscreen' and 'Timeout' I came across this in an HTC EVO 4G thread :

[MOD] 11.12 Lockscreen Timeout Mod

Would there be any possibility to port this mod over to the current D1 ROM?