Lock home in memory

just by setting the launcher to portrait only (not enabling persistent, just the keep in mem in CM6 settings) i do not get redraws. using the same settings but with LP, i still get redraws only when i open something with keyboard closed, and then exit it with the keyboard open.

Agreed. And to be specific:

Credit to samsonite801
If you use ADW or LauncherPro and if after using your browser, email or any other apps for awhile, then if you press the 'HOME' button, if it takes forever to redraw your home screen, and you are sick of that HORRIBLE LAG, then try this: In a terminal, type su and enter. Then type echo ro.HOME_APP_ADJ=1 >> /data/local.prop and enter. Then reboot. Now evaluate whether or not this fixes your lag. If you want to undo what this command does, simply remove that toggle from: /data/local.prop


Works like an absolute charm! I've used it on LiMod and CM6.

I'm going to give this a try as well. Will report back soon.
those may help, but they didn't fix the keyboard issue for me. i don't think anything will, really. adw just does not have that problem for me. i can start any app with kb closed, then open the keyboard and go back home, and there is no redraw at all. i can also put the phone into my multimedia dock, and when i take it out, there is no redraw with adw, but there is with LP.
Just adding my 2 cents in on the local.prop hack...

It is a life saver. It has been almost 2 full days of use since I entered it into the terminal and hit enter and I have had a half of a redraw with launchepro. I was testing it with about four tabs open in dolphin HD, running a live wallpaper with 7 screens and a ton of widgets. It was purely a stress test to see what it could handle. It took it like a champ and like I said I have had 1/2 of a redraw, my widgets reloaded but it took a total of about 3 seconds...it was a beautiful thing. Thank you so much for the instructions and the post for that.