LauncherPro Fix for my homescreen redraws


Jun 9, 2010
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i had problems w/ homescreen redraws on LauncherPro. the problems existed regardless of ROM: UD, BB, Sapphire. i noticed that it usually happens when i have the droid sideways running an app and then hit home to go to the homescreen. the launcher programs would get hung a bit redrawing the homescreen. i tweaked with the cache and memory settings and nothing worked. i thought, hmmm, it's not used to drawing the screen sideways.

so i unchecked Enable Auto Rotation and voila, no more redraw issues.

it might not address your problem but that seemed to work for me.

I think you are on to something. I just did it and its already much faster.
I hate home replacements because they mostly slow the system down or force close every 8 seconds.

However, I disabled auto-rotation and kept it at 3 screens and it works fine. New app drawer is cool and the icon drawer at the bottom is another cool advancement. Lastly getting rid of the status bar is a plus with BW installed.
I guess the redraw thing varies by what's on the screen. When I rotate my Droid the top widget blinks out and then back in again; takes one second tops. Doesn't bother me. But I don't use a lot of widgets on my home screens.

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I have all sorts of issues with redraws. I like the screen to be able to rotate when I turn to landscape but what I don't need is for the screen to be able to rotate 360deg and would much rather that it used the stock settings for rotation. It seems that Launcher Pro is less sensitive to when the phone is in landscape or portrait which is quite frustrating. You have to hold the phone almost straight up and down and shake it sometimes to get it recognize what mode you are in. It seems the stock rotation was much more sensitive and better at knowing when you go from one to the other even if the phone was almost flat.