Phone Incredibly slow and hot after root


Aug 23, 2010
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Just took the jump and rooted my phone recently. The rooting all went well, the problem has only come after rooting.

I first flashed BB v5; with the Luna Theme. I forget which kernel it was but it was one of the LV Chevy kernels for overclocking. I loved the rom for the first few days. For about the first 72 hours the phone was lightning fast and worked like a charm. Then it very quickly started to degrade. The phone became incredibly slow, slower than before rooting. The first noticeable issue was waking the phone up from standby. When I pressed the button to wake it up about half the time absolutely nothing would happen, and when it did wake up it would take about 15-20 seconds for the lockscreen to appear. When flicking the lock to unlock the phone about half the time it would go back to standby instead of launching my homescreen. This is incredibly frustrating since at times it would take up to 3 minutes just to get to my homescreen.

Also, I was getting a crazy amount of redraws in launcherpro -- such as taking about 30 seconds to back out of an application and back to the homescreen. The app drawer competely repopulated about 1 in 5 times of opening it. Tapping an input area would usually take about 10 seconds to open the keyboard. Also, many times the phone would ring and not let me unlock it to answer the call; and my notifications for text messages was lagging somewhere around 30-45 seconds behind the phone actually displaying the new text message.

The battery lasted at most 4-5 hours even when it was barely being used and was almost always running very hot (around 109deg F / battery measured) and I got many forced shutdowns. Sometimes taking quite awhile to get the phone to reboot at all. I was running very moderate filters on setcpu. Starting at 400min/800max with the ondemand governor; dropping the phone to 200/400 for standby and high temp. With the high temps and battery use I continually backed this down to the point where I didn't overclock at all, and the phone was still running hot and draining quickly.

After a few days of this I downloaded the new UD release with the Luna theme and the Slayher ULV kernel. Wiped the phone, the cache, and the dalvik cache. Installed the new rom, kernel and theme. Restored all my apps with Titanium -- and even added Swapper2 and Cachemate (which I run atleast once a day). Again for the first couple of days everything was fine, and now my phone is right back to where it was.

Does anyone have any ideas on what is wrong or how to fix this. I'm getting really frustrated, I like the extra stuff I can do with Root, but my phone ran much much better than this unrooted. I will grant that for the first few days the phone performs remarkably better than unrooted, but If I can't keep that going for more than a few days I don't know if it is worth it.

Help desperately needed. As of right now it takes me 5 minutes total to receive a text message, wake up the phone, type a reply and put it back to sleep.