Lock / Answer screen to sensitive to unlock and answer calls


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May 5, 2010
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As the title says. I've noticed with the unlocking or answering calls are too sensitive. I've had already the Bionic "Pocket Answer" a call from me pulling the phone out of my pocket and my leg causes the phone to answer. Seems its not the phone as much it is Motorola. STOCK (GNex) ICS requires the unlock or answer circle to be placed in the answer or reject icon. However Motorola ICS only requires the area of the icon to be pressed. Meaning I can slide to the top right or bottom right and still unlock or answer a call. This was never a problem. I've even found you don't have to slide the unlock or answer bar over to one side. You only need to touch the unlock or answer icon in the middle the touch the unlock or answer icon. No swiping required. Any ideas on how to fix this without flashing a custom rom?

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You could get MiLocker. Idk if it works with call answering, but it's worth a shot.
I'm now having this issue with the Razr on ICS too. I found much success with HD Caller ID Screen. It's bit tedious having to "unlock" the screen twice. But I've not had pocket answering with this enabled.