LithMod .4 Issues Thread


Feb 18, 2010
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Hey guys I just installed Lith Mod4 and had MAJOR issues so im back to original now.

Downloaded from RomMan and once done did a backup and wipe. Installed fine but when the phone booted up it did not start off like normal and give you the android screen you usually get to set your account and activate etc etc. It just went straight to the main screen.

Ok I thought no biggie, let me go in and download my apps from the market, but when I went into my app drawer there was only a handful of items listed. The market was not one of them.

A friend in the office downloaded .4 @ the same time as me and had the same exact issue.

On the download i did not select Google Apps, He however did.
Nevermind. Friend is a tard. You have to download the google apps add on.
Yea I was going to say I dl this and have had no problems to speak off. Not a lot of settings so thats kinda weak but none the less still smooth and fast.
It installed great for me, and everything works great. It seems pretty fast, and the battery life is the best I have had in a while. I am running the kernal that came with the rom.
I would like to see some themes for it though, vanilla is kinda boring. :)

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