Linking Facebook to Contacts


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Mar 22, 2011
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I just got a replacement phone and I input all my contacts back (most of them were already in there because I saved them to my Gmail) but the option to link them to my facebook contacts isnt there.

The entire "Facebook" friends list under contacts isnt there either.

Any help would be great!
Did you readd your facebook acct to the phone?

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Hey everyone, i know this topic has probably been touched upon, but i've been going through numerous threads and haven't exactly come across an answer. Hopefully someone can help shed some light on this situation.

So, after i dl'd Gingerbread OTA, my phone sh!t the bed. They had to overnight me a new one and everything. I set up all my accounts (FB, Twitter, etc.) and noticed that only about 70% of my contacts' photos loaded. I figured maybe because i had so many, it was taking longer than usual, but its the next day and still, there hasnt been any changes. I also dl'd the FB app, and there's no option to sync contacts now? Also, under My Accounts, there's no option to sync FB photo's to your contacts as there was before?

So, question is how come only some of my photos won't load to my contacts? I've even gone into certain contacts and it shows their FB link, but no photo for some reason? If there is a way to fix this, i'd appreciate the help.