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Dec 16, 2010
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Hey all. Just got the x and linked up a bunch of my contacts. Several are displaying the associated myspace name or an email address (contacts linked w a google contact that is only an email). I have gone through the contact to edit the myspace name out, but it is not displayed anywhere in the contact info. Also have tried linking contacts in different orders; linking my phone contact to myspace or linking the myspace to the phone contact. I can't find any options for prioritizing the display name.
All ideas appreciated!

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I have done tons of testing with this and it seems as if twitter and myspace are given priority for some reason. Neither of them will play nice when linked up with other contacts. Sorry I couldn't give you some better news.

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Thanks for the reply. Those are strange services to prioritize because the display names are the least normal. At least the problem isn't my phone skills. Any hope this will be resolved in the next software update?

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I honestly don't know why they would choose to prioritize the two services where you don't actually use your name. When i'm looking for steve I don't want to have to actually look for @thatcrazylizardguy or whatever. Ya I hope this gets fixed along with the puntuation issue.

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I'm just dumping myspace profiles. This is a stupid problem to have.

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How can I change the text on my myspace name? I want to change the text on my myspace name so that the font and colour is different, anyone know a website or code that I can use?
Any updates anyone? I hate having to search for la lechera, when really, I just want to call my cousin, Sam.

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