what happend with myspace and andriod few weeks ago, why cant i remvoe from myaccount


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Sep 7, 2011
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I got an update or a message on my phone few weeks ago that myspace was no longer going to be working with the andriod phones. my driod 3 use to sync my myspace pictures/contacts/and post on social networking app. but now notting syncs only my myspace contacts on "my contacts" when i go to "my accounts it shows all my emails my facebook and gmail as well as youtube accounts. it also shows an anoying myspace account that i cant get rid off from the list. everytime i click on it says its missing a username and it wont let me remove it. it shows up as "com.motorola.blur.provider.myspace" with my email address over it.

thank you i wonder if anyone else has had this problem.
Wondering this myself.

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