I can't get my Facebook contacts to sync again - "My Contacts" not working


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Nov 22, 2010
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I recently purchased the Motorola Droid 2 over the weekend. I have been very pleased with its performance, but I noticed that all of my Facebook contacts and Twitter contacts were placed in the Contacts. I had no problem with this, but I had a friend added and wanted his Facebook contact to populate on my phone, so I removed the account from My Accounts and added it back.

Basically, the option to sync my Facebook contacts with the contacts never comes up, and My Accounts simply lets me change the login email and password rather than populating with "Data & synchronization" options like Gmail and, now, Twitter have. Facebook, MySpace, and Photobucket simply display the username and password and when I hit OK, I am returned to the My Accounts page.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to remedy the situation and make it so that my Facebook will sync with my contacts again. Also, the Social Networking application does load Facebook and MySpace, but no profile pictures load making it a very bland looking social networking stream.
Did you try editing it through your settings? its settings accounts and sync and then you can edit all of the synced accounts and such from there.
Yes, I have tried that. There is no option to sync anything for Facebook. If I tap Facebook under Settings > Accounts, all I get is a screen like a login screen where my username and password are already entered. If I hit OK, it just takes me back to My Accounts.

The only ones that pull up options from the "Data & synchronization" menu are Twitter and my two Gmail accounts. The others just do the login screen and don't sync properly, it seems like.
Are you using the facebook for android app? or are you using the social networking app that comes stock?
I downloaded the Facebook for Android application from the Market, I think. I'm not really sure anymore. It's a little more than just Facebook, though - MySpace and Photobucket refuse to bring up any sync options under Account, too.
That's the one that I have. When I go to Display Group under Contacts and choose "Contacts: Facebook", it says, "You do not have any contacts."

The Social Networking application that is linked to the Accounts is properly displaying the streams from Facebook and MySpace, but there are no pictures which implies that something is wrong with the initial adding of the account or something. I don't know.
Yea I do think there is something wrong with the way it is working/ connecting with the servers. If you can.... email the developer and tell them what your problem is because its a problem with the app. I would check your email to see if anyone else has a fix but I dont think there will be any. sorry
Sounds like a problem with the servers and accounts not working with each other right..... I would email the developers.....

edit: I did some research and I think its more then the app. Because its more then one app I think there might be something wrong with the sync on phone.

Did you ever find a solution to syncing your facebook back to your droid? I am having the exact same problem. I un-synced my facebook and now I cannot re-sync the contacts and their photos back to my phone.

As far as I know/have heard/experience, this is a known issue affecting most D2s. My Facebook contacts don't sync; the only way for me to get updated pictures is to delete the Facebook for Android app, then re-download it. Doing so breaks the links to many of my contacts (big pain in the ass). New Facebook contacts usually sync ok, but pictures don't.