Lighting on buttons below screen randomly come an off


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Nov 19, 2009
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Good evening,

The buttons blow my Droid (back / options / home / search) seem to randomly come and off. The setting on screen time out seem to have no effect on them. What I want is for them to stay lit whenever the display is on. Is there a setting for this that I'm missing?

This seems to have something to do with the ambient light sensor on the Droid that allows it to adjust the screen brightness (and whether or not the four touch buttons on the bottom of the screen are backlit).

In a brightly lit room, cover the light sensor in the top-right corner of your Droid with your thumb and you will see what I mean. The buttons should be backlight, and then not when you remove your finger. The light sensor is the most visible round "hole".

Whatever room you are in may be on an edge of the threshold it uses to determine whether or not to backlight those buttons, so turning on and off depending on barely visible variance in the lighting conditions.

Setting the backlight to 100% all the time may keep them on all the time, but I don't know. Just know it isn't "broken."
Yeah - I see what you mean when I cover the sensor. I can't seem to find the setting for backlight though. Can you point me to it please?

Ok, the setting you are describing fixes the issue of the screen itself dimming. Thank you for that. The issue I'm more concerned with though are the buttons (back / options / home / search) are going dark. I want them to stay lit whenever the screen is not dimmed as well.

Thanks for your help so far.
Well, that was just a guess, anyway. Too bad it didn't work out.

You'll have to poke around in the settings menu some more to see if you can find some backlight settings for the keyboard. That's what I'd do at this point.
I think this was addressed in another thread cuz I had a similar issue. It irradiated me that the four buttons would shut off while I was using the browser or other apps and had to guess where the buttons were when I needed them. The fix listed was to toggle the auto brightness in the same area - Settings->Sound & Display settings>Brightness (thx mrschmitz). For my phone - leaving Auto Brightness on will turn the 4 lights on or off depending on light conditions. I activated auto brightness then covered the sensors on top of the phone earpiece - the 4 lights turn on. When I move my hand, they go off. There should be a setting to keep those buttons on when the screen is on :mad:
And as it turns out, the issue is the exact same with the pull out keyboard. I really can't beleve that there is no setting for this.
I have the same problem, but the other way around. When I am watching videos in a dark room the buttons don't turn off and the light "bleeds" on to the screen. If anyone finds a way to do this I would really appreciate it. I love watching movies on the droid but this light makes it REALLY annoying.
Definately an issue they need to correct, it's annoying to the extreme to not be able to see the buttons when needed.