Liberty theme install problems


Mar 6, 2011
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I've tried 2 or 3 different themes from the toolbox but everytime it reboots and says installation aborted. Anyone else having this problem? Or any suggestions to fix it?

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I had the same problem. THEN I noticed that while my USB cord was in, (set for mass storage) the SD card is not accessible. I downloaded a theme to my computer. The computer theme was a larger file then the one on my phone, Hmmnn. SO, I deleted the zip on the phone, transferred the file from computer to phone, followed the instructions to install a theme from boot strapper, it worked!
I downloaded from the link that was posted. It worked fine. Rocking the BWC theme now! I like it. I might try out limeslice tho. Just seeing my options. Thanks for the help y'all! It is greatly appreciated.

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