Liberty Pulldown Backgrounds= Sick!!!

Kick ass mhead thank you!

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My first pulldown. I think I did ok. I had to include a pic of my desktop so everyone can see the effect I was going for. Opinions?



DX. CFU. LIB 1.5.
Can someone make a pulldown of the red hc bee with an abstract background. Kind of like the little red droid with the cool background earlier in the forum?
Sensei must be really busy. I kind of feel sorry for the themers and developers, because I am sure that all they do for Android and the forums takes a lot of time. Thank all developers and themers for making the dx still one of the best phones available.
Change thru MM not working for me in lib. gb. v5 ... using hc theme.
Ive gotta find a way to mod the blah notification backround that comes with it ... anybody???
You could go in your system then in framework then framework.res.apk. then in the hdpi and change it manually? Its called status_bar_background.png. just replace it with the one you want....if its worth the trouble to you.

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