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Sep 17, 2010
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You will need Metamorph from the market.

Download & Move To Android Theme Folder On SD Card,
This folder will be created by MM.

Open Metamorph, select unzip new theme, select this file. then apply all. Phone will reboot. Enjoy :blackdroid:

This 1st 0ne is liberty Yellow, with more colors to follow. Any Requests PM me. :blackdroid:
*I am aware each file is named, This is the base I used & cant rename or MM will reject the file. I assure you each is the specified color. Thanks*

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this battery is much appreciated..... i had been trying to get a setup to call my own on liberty.... me being from iowa and being a hawkeye fan dig the black/gold of liberty, but dont like the battery icons of gingerbread. you helped me complete my setup. what ive got going is linear theme, because i also dig the clean lockscreen controls, with liberty gold icons on the taskbar and this battery. i was going to try to make my own but you saved me the trouble. thanks!!!!
Can NinjaMorph be used instead of MetaMorph?

Edit: NVM, I downloaded MM. It worked, thanks. :) Kind of strange though, my wallpaper changed after the reboot. :confused:
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Thanks for this - especially in Red. It doesn't 100% match Draya's red, but it's definitely good enough.
what about blue, could you do that? preferbly in a blue that matches the galaxy S theme in the toolbox?