[MM] Watermark'D Android Battery

it worked - thanks Stew and Basil! pretty cool little add-on... threw a few bucks in "donate"...
Worked great. Love the look. The themed battery looked cool in Watermark'd...this one just stepped it up another notch or two. Thanks!
One question. Can you make a dark blue droid? It would fit perfect with the theme im using.
Finally got around to installing it today. Looks great, as usual. Just another thing to show off to my iPhone buddies.
Do you have a MM file for all the desktop ICONS????

If you mean me, nope. I got it from adw. I think there might be one at xda but I don't remember for sure. Sorry I can't help more than that.

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forgot to ask this earlier my apologies but will this work for a themed X?
I don't have an X so I couldn't say but you could ask in the Droid X section to see if people have been able to use MM on the X.

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it doesn't seem to have loaded. i used MM and everything went as instructed. when i get the screen with the 'apply all' option do i hit that? i tried it but it gave me a warning that kind of scared me off. not sure what they mean by 'appl all' I did a reboot.
Yes hit apply all. It will let you know at the end you need to roboot. Just keep continuing. And make sure you have a backup just in case.

EDIT The initial boot after may be a little long and you may have to reload your Widgets too. All normal.
EDIT You should also do this: go to settings>applications>development>check usb debugging if it isn't already.
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