LG Working on a Successor Smartwatch Coming Soon After the LG G Watch Launch


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Dec 30, 2010
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We aren't sure why LG would follow up their first smartwatch by putting another one onto the market shortly after they launch their new LG G Watch, but the current intel suggests that is their plan. Perhaps it will be another version of the G Watch more focused on exercise, like Samsung's Gear Fit.

Alternatively, maybe the second smartwatch will include its own data or cellular radio unlike the G Watch. Further reports indicate that LG wants to let the first one spend some time on the market, so it's possible they are simply working on the successor. Either way, all the major mobile players are lining up to jump in on the next mobile device push.

It appears none of them want to get too far behind Samsung and/or Apple again, assuming the wearables market takes off.

Source: TalkAndroid