LG G3 Bootloader Unlocked! With Bump Recovery!


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Oct 6, 2011
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This is what we have all been waiting for. Finally a full custom recovery capable of flashing both AOSP and stock LG roms, plus kernels and other mods to our devices! Developer IOMonster along with help from Autoprime, DeesTroy, illegalargument, shelnutt2, and animitronicrocketreptile have released their BUMP recovery! After speaking with the developers it turns out that this is, for all intents and purposes, a full bootloader unlock. This is an unlock the way that LG does it. This actually does not touch the bootloader, but provides full access to mod the device in any way you want. This is not LOKI and this is not SafeStrap. This doesn't even use any 2nd init type trickery. This is a serious unlock and is really all that we need.

You should be aware that Verizon has a track record of patching exploits. If you decide to take an over the air update after installing BUMP Recovery you may in fact lose it. So far LG has not prevented users from downgrading. So historically if you updated to a build that would not work with a certain exploit you could always just downgrade and then you would be good to go. This is more than likely what LG will do with the LG G3 however if you wish to root and mod it is always best to skip the OTA let the devs take a look at it and report whether or not it is safe to update. Installing the recovery does require you to have an adb environment set up and you will need to run a few commands. Head to the link below to download the recovery.

via XDA
I'm guessing this is Verizon only? 99% sure TMobile's G3 is already unlocked from the factory.
It's all of them...international, Sprint, AT&T...except t mobile which is stock unlocked as you say.