Bounty Reaches $1500 For Unlocked Bootloader On The Verizon LG G4


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Oct 6, 2011
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The LG G4 has to be one of the slowest Verizon devices when it comes to development. It was recently rooted, and many people are paying their bounties for the root method as promised. If we can get the LG G4 bootloader unlocked or even get a solution like BUMP which was an unlocked bootloader for all intents and purposes for the LG G3, we should start to see development flow in for this device as it did for the LG G3.

While the bounty for root is now being collected on there is still a bounty out for the unlocked bootloader on the LG G4. This bount has reached $1500. Hopefully the fact that many of the pledgers actually have made good on the root bounty, will draw some security experts over to work on getting the bootloader unlocked. If you would like to add your name to the bounty head to the link below.

via XDA
1) There's really no need these days IMO.
2) Carrier's lock it for security reasons. Most company cell plans use Verizon and AT&T.

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1) you talking xposed...
2) what security?
1) I'm not talking xposed specifically, but yes since you mentioned it, that's one option. I'm simply saying, on today's devices it really isn't needed. The majority of today's flagship devices provide far more options & features than back in the day when we were rooting a device on froyo, gingerbread or ICS. It was critical back then in providing a much better user experience & customization options. Today's devices coupled with third party options already provide you that same level of customization we didn't have just 3 or 4 years ago....back when rooting & romming your device was "needed". Back in those days we rooted our devices not only for the added UI options & customization, (like Xposed) but to overclock/undervolt AND flash the latest OS update much sooner than OTA.

2) we all know that an unlocked bootloader makes your device less secure. C'mon @kinfolk248, that's rooting 101.

My point is, you don't need an unlocked bootloader these days. Folks that think they do, either don't have a newer device, and/or they simply haven't rooted a device in quite awhile.

Custom roms are a thing of the past. Today's flagship devices already have the speed, so there's no need to even mess with overclocking. And with simple root access and a few third party apps, you're golden.
The fact that Xposed doesn't require an unlocked bootloader is just icing on the proverbial cake.
As for the age old question of "timely updates", I could care less about that. People that care about quick updates are usually still using 2 or 3 year old devices. We've all seen the problems that taking the "latest OS update" has caused. Find a version that works for you and enjoy it "as is". For me it's KK 4.4.4.
Lollipop doesn't interest me at all. I'll wait for M, it'll be much more refined and ready for primetime.
Just as I didn't bother with Honeycomb and waited for ICS. JellyBean was a disaster as well, until patches were released. KitKat had problems initially, but the latest version rocks. Lolipop was a disaster on many devices until 5.1 was released. You see the pattern here? There's something to say for NOT jumping on the "latest update bandwagon". That ship sailed years ago, but for some reason people still cling to it like it actually means something.
It doesn't.

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It does mean something b/c the majority of average ppl out there have phones that still on purchase date software. So if you buy a phone with 4.0 youre stuck with 4.0 b/c OEMs are gonna tell you 'oh your phone cant do said process b/c its old you need a new(er) one'. You can take a 2 year old phone and a 'new' phone together running the same software and they'll be right there together give or take 1/3 second, nothing to say 'oh ^^^^ I new this new $800 phone cus my old one sucks major' unless you have an Iphone where Apple intentionally glitches your old hardware out of life lol...
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