Koush Re Releases AllCast! Streams To Just About Everything Except The Chromecast


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Oct 6, 2011
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When the Chromecast was released there was much excitement in the Android community. We assumed this device would be as open as many of the Nexus experience devices. It turns out that Google wanted the Chromecast to be locked up and closed source, which makes since because Google needs to acquire licensing deals with media companies who aren't ultra comfortable with open hackable devices. Koush had tried his hand at a streaming solution for the Chromecast, as soon as he released it Google released an update to block it.

Several months later Koush is back with his Allcast app that allows for the streaming of local content from your Android smartphone or tablet to just about any device, not including the Chromecast. Allcast streams to the Xbox360, XboxOne, Apple TV, Roku, Samsung Smart TV's, and any DLNA Device. Head to the source link for the download.

via Android Guys
No PS3 listed. That kind of sucks. I have other options for my PS3, but would love a Chromecast like ability. At the same time though, I'm still quite happy with my chromecast and casting a tab in Chrome via an MP4 file works fine for me. I have alternatives at my fingertips if I have a file I can't play easily to my CC.
"This particular version of the app will only be available until Dec. 1 and after which will “self destruct,” so go check it out now," which I take to mean, "it will only work for about 5 more days." :(

Also not clear, but I assume you need root...?

EDIT: without testing, I'd assume the PS3 is covered, since it should work on any DLNA-ready device.

Great job Koush. I use iMediaShare to stream to my Xbox360 and Juice to stream to my Roku.