Allcast Broken In Latest Chromecast Update!


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Oct 6, 2011
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If you missed the release of Allcast beta for Chromecast, then you aren't the only one. I had seen over the past several weeks that developer Koushik Dutta, of Rom Manager, and Clock Work Mod Recovery fame, make all kinds of announcements of development that he was working on. It turns out that Allcast, his app that allows you to stream local content and content from dropbox and Google drive to your Chromecast, has already been shut down by the latest Chromecast update. Koush quickly took to Google+ to vent about his frustration.

Heads up. Google's latest Chromecast update intentionally breaks AllCast. They disabled 'video_playback' support from the ChromeCast application.

Google has already stepped up with a response to these accusations. They claim that the developer SDK for Google Chromecast is still in its infancy and was released for developer preview and testing only. Allcast may have been released a bit prematurely.

We’re excited to bring more content to Chromecast and would like to support all types of apps, including those for local content. It's still early days for the Google Cast SDK, which we just released in developer preview for early development and testing only. We expect that the SDK will continue to change before we launch out of developer preview, and want to provide a great experience for users and developers before making the SDK and additional apps more broadly available.

It turns out that the Chromecast may not be as open as we had hoped. Google more than likely sees the Chromecast as their way to control content. Content creators may feel uncomfortable cooperating with an open source, easily hackable device. Who knows Google may end up developing a local content streaming service of their own. I would really love to see apps like allcast and other third party development make its way to my television set. I guess we will see over time where exactly Google intends to take this.

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Still want one, even if the 3rd-party support is now questionable. It saves me a connection cable and the booting up of a PS3 for Netflix.
The SDK is under development. No need for Google bashing. ugh.
I agree it still beta but bad code and I have a chromecast still in the box with old image so it can be rooted. Real question is chromecast just a other version of apple TV? With my roku and plex server is still my best solution under $100 dollar's.
This makes sense to me. I think Chromecast has the potential to be a fantastic consumer device. The first thing we have to accept is that not everything Google makes is for enthusiasts and techies. They want this to be a mainstream device with mainstream services. Content providers want secure predictable devices, not open architecture. Locking down Chromecast will actually allow it to reach it's potential by proving to HBO, Netflix, Showtime, and others that there content is secure and their competition is predictable. That's the only way they will buy in. As for casting local content, Google may eventually develop the SDK to allow it, but for now it's about attracting content providers.