New Feature In AllCast Allows You To Stream Media To Any Device With Chrome Browser!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Koush has added yet another awesome feature to AllCast. This app is really becoming the ultimate multimedia app for Android and other platforms. Not only can you stream content to a chromecast and pretty much any other DLNA device, now you can stream your local content to any device on your network with the Chrome Browser. This requires the use of the AllCast Receiver add on which is free but requires the pro version of the AllCast app. This is pretty cool though because it allows you to easily pull up videos that you shot with your cell phone's camera on a bigger screen like your laptop. You will also be able to stream any movies that you may have purchased on your cell phone or tablet to your laptop or desktop. Head to the link below download the AllCast receiver to your PC.

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This is a feature I've been wanting. My daughter has a Chromebook and she loves to watch Minecraft videos when we let her. I want to make sure shes watching clean language videos and being able to cast one to her chromebook that I approve of is a great feature for me. Same for if my kids want to watch a movie. I can cast it to a computer monitor instead of a TV.