Kit Kat 4.4 For The Droid RAZR HD! SlimKat Rom Alpha Official


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Oct 6, 2011
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If you are ready for some Kit Kat 4.4 on your Droid RAZR HD don't expect to get it from Google or Motorola any time soon. Good thing we have the development community. While even Google is trying to get away from root, this is why I have always been such an advocate for it. If we have root, custom recovery, and willing developers we will always have the latest and greatest version of Android. Heck there is still active development on older devices like the Droid X. Roms aren't just for gaining the latest and greatest version of Android. We also get all sorts of Performance enhancements and customization options with our Roms.


Developer "Darkspadez" brings us his build of Kit Kat 4.4 for the Droid RAZR HD in his SlimKat Rom. This is an AOSP vanilla Android experience rom. You won't find any bloat in this rom.. not that Motorola included much of that in MotoBlur for this device. You will also find some excellent custom features in SlimKat including The Real Dark Slim Inverted theme, notification drawer shortcuts, customized pie and navbar/nav ring, full hardware key rebinding, auto rotation on keyboard open, slimcenter, slimirc and more! So far no bugs have been found and this is a super stable build. You will need to first install the rom and then you will need to install the gapps. There is also a link for addons which can be installed while installing the rom and Gapps. Head to the link below for more info on the Rom and download links.

Via Rootzwiki